Session Proposal - ProductCamp Austin 17

Who, What, When, Where, and Why - not How!

I am looking forward to ProductCamp Austin 17, taking place August 6, 2016. I am trying a different session format this year, more like a workshop. Here is the abstract --

Building great products starts with asking the right questions. In this session, we will discuss how the best product managers stand out by asking better questions, and by listening better. This will be a team workshop session. You will work through a sample persona problem, discovering the persona's needs as you ask good questions. We will learn from each other as we reflect on the "Five W's". Each team will present their persona problem to the group, followed by feedback on what worked well and where you can improve.
This will be a fun, interactive session during which you will learn and network with your peers. Come with a curious mind!

If you're interested in learning how to ask better questions, vote for my session when the voting links are posted. I will add a direct link to this post when voting starts.