Who, What, When, Where, Why? - not How!

NOTE: The following content is designed to be delivered in a workshop format. Please feel free to use this content and adapt it for your own teams. It would make a great exercise in a team meeting or during a team retreat. Please share feedback with me on Twitter @RAndersonTexas.

Abstract: Building great products starts with asking the right questions. In this session, we will discuss how the best product managers stand out by asking better questions, and by listening better. This will be a team workshop session. You will work through a sample persona problem, discovering the persona’s needs as you ask good questions. We will learn from each other as we reflect on the “Five W’s”. Each team will present their persona problem to the group, followed by feedback on what worked well and where you can improve. This will be a fun, interactive session during which you will learn and network with your peers. Come with a curious mind!

How to be Agile When You Are Stuck Under a Waterfall

Abstract: You are excited about agile and ready to put your new skills to work until one day you land a job at a tech company that still uses waterfall development practices. Don’t give up and certainly do not quit – there are several key agile practices that you can use in waterfall development projects. In this presentation I describe the top agile tools you can use right away to improve your waterfall projects and increase your own job satisfaction.

Demonstrating the Value of Product Management

Abstract: Product management is really the most important function in any product-oriented company, yet most people don't see this outside of the PM team. In order to grow funding for your team and gain new credibility to push your vision for your market and products, you need to know how to showcase the unique contributions of product management. This presentation provides practical techniques on showcasing the value of PM.